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Corrective Treatments


Consult + Mini Facial


Not sure what treatment to do? Uncertain about skin care products? This hands on consult will help build the perfect skin care plan and at home care regimen to keep you looking your best! 


(complimentary consultations also available without mini facial)

Buccal Facial


Buccal facial massage is an art that is interpreted differently by each practitioner. Your muscles are prepped first with scuplting massage, followed by intra-oral massage. This specialized type of massage is amazing for rehabilitating nasal labial folds, and the jaw line. 

We have several options for Buccal Massage Facials that vary from 90 min- 3 hours

For best results Buccal Facials are recommended every 2-3 weeks for optimal correction, within 4 days of event if you are prepping to look your best, or whenever you need a little pampering!




This treatment is performed with a surgical steel scalpel that was designed specifically for dermaplaning; this means less inflammation and irritation than with other blades. Following the dermaplaning your skin bathes in NASA studied healing and collagen producing LED light. Skin is glowing when you leave. 

Buccal Facial Guide


Looking for relaxation?

The 90 min Basic Buccal Facial is only lymphatic drainage, sculpting massage, and buccal massage

Relaxation and Correction?

The 2 hr Microcurrent Buccal Facial includes the full 90 min Basic Buccal followed by 30 min of microcurrent

Want a full customized facial with buccal?

Choose the 90min- 2hr Buccal Plus Facial! This includes dermaplaning, an exfoliant- if appropriate, sculpting massage, buccal massage, and microcurrent sculpting massage followed by stem cell and/or customized finishing products!

Want our most corrective facial?

Our 3 hour Buccal Microcurrent Enzyme Facial is pure HEAVEN. It entails the 2 hour Buccal Plus Facial with the Muscle Banding DMK Enzyme at the end. This reinforces results, infuses peptides, contours muscles, gives the most effective lymphatic drainage, and augments all of your skin's inner functions!

Biologique Recherche Custom Facial


Biologique Recherche is a French luxury skincare line that has been perfected over the last 40 years and offers some of the purest serums and best skincare on the market. It has a cult following. Their skincare philosophy is famous for being all about massage, supporting the lymphatic system, and working with the body, instead of assaulting the skin with harmful chemicals.

Corrective and relaxing

60-90 min

The DMK Enzyme Therapy Facial


This intensive corrective facial is customized every time to detoxify your skin on a cellular level, tighten skin, reduce pore size, greatly decrease laxity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, eliminate glycation, remove sun spots, reduce inflammation, eliminate breakouts, reduce redness, and bring an overall healthy bright glow to the skin. 

Greatly augments all inner functions of skin

Ideal before chemical peels or invasive treatments/procedures

Visible results after one, stunning results after series

90-120 min

Collagen Induction Therapy




This collagen inducing corrective treatment performed on the face and neck has been shown to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation while requiring minimal downtime. This treatment is augmented with a specialty growth factor serum that will help stimulate healthy cell growth. This can be done as a stand alone  treatment that includes a LED light therapy session, and can be added on to a DMK enzyme therapy facial!

"Vampire Facial" PRF version available with our Nurse 

Series Recommended

Home Care Required

Great for: Age Management, Acne Scars, Sagging Skin, Scars, and Stretch Marks

Radio Frequency




This collagen inducing corrective treatment performed on the face and neck has been shown to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin with zero downtime. 

This treatment utilizes heat to stimulate the dermis to make your skin produce new collagen, and does not cause hypersensitivity afterward!

Visible results from one session


Series Recommended

Home Care Required

Great for: Wrinkles, fine lines, Sagging Skin

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