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Tulsa Best Private Sauna

Each session includes:

A pitcher of Hydrogen Rich Water

The sauna is double lined in a seated position with fresh cotton towels to ensure cleanliness. A lay down setup can be provided as the sauna is large enough for 3 people to sit- don't worry, you'll be solo

Lavender soaked cold towels to cool off during/after

Access to our Vibration Therapy Machine- this machine gently shakes you while you are in a standing position to greatly promote lymphatic drainage. A client favorite is to do squats and planks on the machine to enhance workouts and reduce workout time!

A galaxy LED light show to watch as you sweat and meditate

Seasonal aromatherapy

Sand timer- leave your phone and disconnect!

Locking door - Get naked and sweat it out comfortably. We provide towels and robes for your comfort and sanitation.

Our infrared sauna is the best in the world with it's lowest EMF rating of any sauna, making it the safest for even the most sensitive of clients!

There are no synthetic materials, glues, plastics, or plywood used in making our sauna and the wood used is hand chosen utilizing the least allergen wood in North America.

Sauna uses:


Weight loss


Sore Muscles

Cardiovascular boost

Reducing chronic pain

And so much more!

Sauna use by appointment only. When reserving the sauna you will be reserving your solo session in a private clean room. Each session is $15 per 15 minute increment, unless paired with a service, then there is a flat rate of $15 for up to 45 min. 

Couples are able to use the sauna with the 2nd person joining for half price for the same amount of time. 

Monthly membership is available for $100

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