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Body treatments

Inch Loss
Build Muscle

Skin Tightening
Scar reduction

Body Enzyme Therapy

Our body enzyme treatment is excellent for tightening skin, reducing scars, reducing cellulite, minimizing stretch marks, assisting with weight loss/management, provides lymphatic drainage, reduces sun damage, reduces sagging skin, and augments skin overall health for a healthy glow!

Amazing for your overall health! 



Body Microcurrent

Body microcurrent builds muscles, tightens skin, and detoxifies your body to increase your overall health while reducing inches on your arms, abdomen, back, legs, and glutes! 

One 40 min session of abdominal microcurrent is like doing 400 crunches!

Great for reducing waist/arm/thigh circumference, reducing internal/external scar tissue, prep for pre-pregnancy, and restoring muscles post pregnancy!

Amazing for your overall health! 

Zero downtime, no pain, no permanent modifications to your body

Electromagnetic Pulse

20,000 muscle contractions in 30 min
Great for building muscle and augmenting current exercise regimen
Can't hold a plank for a solid min? 2 min? 5 min? This will help you get there!
Series recommended- can be done during some facials

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